The Panama Hat in Technicolour

Why Should Anyone be Frightened by a Hat?

Quick — a break in the clouds — pass me a Panama hat.

The hats you see here were made by Christy's for Paul Smith, giving a twist with their unusual but wearable colours, breaking from the traditional light beige. As I've mentioned before, I've been winkling out some British classics from Paul Smith's collections. I'm particularly fond of the blue hat, but both provide the necessary summer spirit and dash.

The hats were woven in Ecuador and made in England. The weave isn't anywhere near the fineness of the ultimate Panama, but it appears to be quite uniform and tight.

A Panama hat requires a little sunshine to work as nature intended; allowing the wearer to go out in the midday sun impervious to the heat. If the heat really is getting to you, don't wilt. Looking hot and bothered in a Panama hat just isn't done.

The hat also provides a temporary cover should the opportunity of a nap arise after a slap-up summer picnic.


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