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By Chaps for Chaps

They say that the filtering effect of social media creates an insular echo chamber of conforming opinions and ideas and cultural tribalism. It's meant as a criticism, but I think it just magnifies how people operate in reality, only we get to the point we're aiming for quicker — gravitating towards the people we share a common interest with and towards the things we enjoy.

Heavily 'trending' in chappish territories on social media right now are the clothes produced by Simon James Cathcart. SJC's concept is an interesting example of how social media brings like-minded people together — clothes created by chaps for chaps. The Chap magazine's online presence is the acknowledged lodestar for this type of activity.

About Simon James Cathcart

As they say of themselves, SJC of London is a collective and a company that brings together 'apparel collectors sharing, developing and tweaking' pieces so that you don't have to purchase 'low quality, overpriced, mass-produced garbage to then look like a clone of heavy industry'. You can even suggest products on their forum.

Clothes are pre-ordered and then go into production. Social media outlets are essential to the way they work. They need to reach people who are as interested and enthusiastic about classic men's clothing as they are themselves.

As summer will appear eventually, I thought you might be interested in the Deco Polo they have available right now (top). This really is a jolly item and one of the better polo shirts you will find available right now — a polo shirt with a rare attribute, elegance. Available in a number of colours, the polo shirt has spearpoint collars and looped fasteners for the cat's eye buttons (that have a transverse cut around the holes).  The shirts are made from 8oz bamboo cloth. I used to have a summer jacket made from bamboo cloth, which was very soft and airy.

Match with the Sailor's Dream Neckerchief (available in navy and gold), keep an eye on the weather forecast, and you're all set for a stroll along the Brighton seafront with a Cornish Mivvi when the sun pops out.

Do look out for new arrivals at SJC. We have to stick together, right?


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