Horn for Hair from Trumpers

Shaving Bowl News

Calling all Trumpers shaving bowl users. Trumpers have introduced a shaving bowl in buffalo horn as an alternative to their classic wooden shaving bowls. The bowl fits their hard shaving soap refills. If you're a shaving cream man, you can also make use of the bowl to work the cream into a lather. I rotate use both soap and cream so my skin and the stubble don't get complacent.

Bearded Alternatives

If you have a Great British beard,  you don't need to feel left out. You may not want the bowl for shaving, but you can have it by your bedside for your cufflinks and pocket emptying activity at the end of the day. Horn is a lovely material. I'm looking at an old horn cup I have as a pencil holder as I type —very pleasing to the eye.

Beardies can use Trumpers' horn-backed Beard Brush (below) for their daily ablutions instead.

After applying some First Olympian beard oil and combing it through, use the natural bristles of the brush to sweep your facial growth into good order.


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