Ultimate New Year Diet

Old Friends and Real Boars

I came across a group of old friends whilst at Gloucester Services recently (picture below). Boar Cigars from good chums at The Real Boar Company, who are based in the Cotswolds. The 'cigars' are made from cured wild boar and game. The wild boar are pure bred and farmed by the company.

This meeting got me thinking. Considering their nutritional value, surely these 'cigars' would make the perfect New Year diet. My eyes glaze over when I see figures on food labels, but let me assure you that they are pretty damned nutritious. Not only that, they are incredibly delicious. And as any weight-watcher will tell you, you need to enjoy what you eat or you will never stick to your diet.

Start off with one a day, then we will see how you get on. We can always drop it down, but we might even take you up to two — they do say you should include protein with every meal.


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