Living in the Bath

Bath Time Any Time

I find it hard to believe that some people remove baths from their bathrooms, finding them too inefficient for their 100-mph lycra-clad, Canary Wharf, not-stopping-to-smell-the-roses lifestyles. Well you and I like to find time for a good soak, don't we? Not together, of course, although I hear that kind of thing is popular on the continent. (Be wary if ever you find yourself in a German sauna, as I think I've mentioned before – traumatic stuff.)

Catchpole & Rye of Kent, England, make baths for gentlemen who enjoy a good soak. Who could resist diving headfirst into a hot broth of scented bubbles contained by their Copper Bateau bath with nickel interior above.

Have you ever seen a more beautiful piece of bathing equipment? C & R hook me with the accompanying blurb: 'Reminiscent of a time past when one bathed in front of fires, the bath had to be light so that it could be easily carried from room to room. Made entirely from high gauge copper, it is hand beaten, polished and then sealed, giving each bath a unique hand finished look.'

Catchpole & Rye are committed to manufacturing in the UK, with the majority of their products being made in-house at their foundry in Kent, where their famous cast-iron baths are produced. The company undertakes bespoke commissions and can include a logo or emblem on the sanitary ware it casts at the foundry.

I don't think we need to look further on the bath-front. But what should we use in the Bath? I respectfully suggest you keep the following products on your shelf — using a verdigris theme and all made in England — to make you look fresh from the cleaners every day.

Floris Rose Geranium Bath Essence

Described as a clean-cut classic, the Rose Geranium scent was introduced by Floris in 1890, which compliments the heritage of the bath perfectly — Bateau-style baths starting production over 120 years ago. Add a few drops to running water and let it waft.

Neal's Yard Lavender Bath Salts

Bath salts take bathing to another level of relaxation using their briny properties to do things to the muscles of the body that only a trained Thai masseuse could compete with.

Neal's Yard Lavender Bath Salts offer best-in-class French sea salts infused with Lavender oil. Think of this pot as your portable Thai masseuse. As with talcum powder, bath salts are a classic that should never have left your bathroom cabinet.

The Book of the Bath by Françoise De Bonneville

Out by Rizzoli Publications, New York, De Bonneville's book courses the history of bathing around the world, and the rituals, rites and traditions that have have developed around the event — including reading in the bath.

Kent FD3 Bath Brush

What more can be said about the FD3 from dear friends and ancient brushmakers Kent Brushes (1777)? Made with pure white bristle, and with detachable head, no part of your anatomy is out-of-bounds for an invigorating scrub and a tip-top buff.

Vintage Model Yacht

No bathing experience should be without a model boat. Re-enact famous naval battles or just brush up your sailing skills as you navigate around your knees and through the bubbles.

If you want to get more serious about your model yacht, then you may wish to consider joining the Vintage Model Yacht Group.


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