One Look Tells You It's DAKS

DAKS Stays Loyal to Jermyn Street

The DAKS menswear shop in Jermyn Street, London, has recently been refurbished. They've brought some of the interior touches and concepts applied to their popular Far East outlets back to the brand's spiritual home (though its fiscal home is now Japan) where it's the proud holder of three Royal Warrants. The interior is refreshed, but speaks of the timelessness of DAKS. It won't scare the horses. And we wouldn't want it to. We're not horse-scaring types.

DAKS House Check

The DAKS house check has been utilised as a design feature in the shop, such as the parquetry you can see in the top picture. It also continues in the design of the clothes, such as the current fat-checked button-down shirt (below). A robust interpretation of the check, it must be said. Nice. I'm seeing it with red v-neck sweater, navy moleskin trousers and brogues, just like you. Let's put a Barbour Beaufort wax jacket on top too, eh?

Personal Tour of the DAKS Shop

Paul Dimond, Dak's Deputy Chairman, will give you a personal tour of the new shop. But don't be a flibbertigibbet. You come back, okay?


  1. That is great news, some other 'names' must be under huge pressure trying to remain in their historic 'homes' We still sell lots of Daks /Simpsons on our vintage site,most of it has remained true to quality which is really something these days

  2. Thanks Peter. Good to see DAKS hanging in there. The quality remains. I'm encouraged that there are lots of little British companies that carry the torch for British style and uncompromising quality. The high street may be full of off-shored rubbish with no quality control, but more and more people recognise that and are looking for things that last and have provenance. I'll just step off my soapbox.

  3. Classic British Premium Quality Clothes and other products show their real quality and that "British Style" long after one has forgotten the price - the cheap gear has been binned years before! Stuart - Spain/Germany

    1. Thanks Stuart. Absolutely right. Best wishes, Tweedy


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