Corby - Crease is the Word

Wrinkle Treatment

I'm somewhat obsessed with putting a crease in my trousers at the moment. I'm even putting them in my pyjamas.

Creases are good. Don't let a scruffbag tell you differently. Here's why. If being clean and dressing smartly is a sign of respect to others, then a crease in the trouser (and an absence of unwanted wrinkles) tells the other that you hold them in the highest esteem. And I think they'll like that. All documented scientific fact.

Corby - Trouser Pressing Matters

So how to increase the crease count in your wardrobe? If you find ironing a bother or you've had to let your butler go in these straightened times, then help is at hand. And long-established help at that - the Corby Trouser Press.

Corby of Windsor was established in 1930 as a manufacturer of valet stands. Innovation followed and a pressing area was added to the stand, and then a heated press, till we have the Corby Trouser Press beloved of creasophiles today.

That's the Executive above. A sleek, black beauty that will give your tired trousers a new lease of life, all without your intervention. You pop the trousers into the welcoming maw of the press and let it work its magic.

And as an added bonus in winter, pop your trousers into this 'trouser toaster' and you have a warm pair of trousers to slip on when it's a cold and frosty morning.


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