Timothy Everest - Boxing Clever

Take a ringside seat for a Timothy Everest film

with a boxing theme.

The film for Timothy Everest has been produced and directed by Joshua Osborne, a student at Chelsea College of Art & Design, as a project for his degree in Graphic Design Communication.

Joshua came up with the concept and narrative, then approached a number of tailors. Timothy Everest was the only company to respond. After a positive pitch the production began and Joshua casted, put a crew together, secured a location, filmed and edited. The final film was produced on a minuscule budget. Very professional looking it is too. I want to be measured for a suit and take up boxing now, and possibly box in a suit, so the message also gets through.

I must mention the atmospheric soundtrack, which is by Jack Newton, who I believe is in the band Kites. Correct me if I'm wrong.


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