I Can See Clearly Now

The frame of the Brushfield — Crystal Clear from Bold London is as clear as a bottle of delicious Botanist gin. They say a decent tumbler of gin puts you on the path to clarity. Imagine what can be revealed wearing these frames at the same time.

Tears are pent within these straitened eyes
The frame is very similar to a pair of 1940s sunglasses with blue tinted lenses that very nearly came into my possession. Tears are pent within these straitened eyes. I missed out. If we could give sorrow words and all that jazz. Oh well, we move on and it's good to find such a well-constructed modern alternative available today. As Bold says, the Brushfield is 'traditional elegance at its finest'.

These things take time
Bold was founded by designer Guy Buchan with the aim of making eyewear 'using the finest materials and British artisanal methods'. Bold are not shortcut merchants. They haven't set out to put brand before product. They don't skimp. Their frames are made by hand in their own workshop using traditional frame-making techniques. These things take time if the end result is to be a product that will last. The reason those 1940s sunglasses were still wearable is they were bloody well-made.

The Brushfield frames come in a variety of colours as well as the clear. They are cut from a block of natural cellulose acetate, carved into shape and smoothed. I can only imagine how difficult it can be working with clear acetate — any flaws or slips will be immediately evident. Bold frames are supplied with a leather case and clear lenses ready to take a prescription lens.

If I were you, I would consider a blue tint in the Crystal Clear.


  1. Dear Gentlemen and Gentlewomen of The Tweed Pig, thank you for your great article, I'll have to make some clear Brushfield with a Blue Tint! Keep up the good work, thanks. Guy Buchan, Bold London http://bold.london

    1. Thanks Guy. Beautiful frames. Loving what you're doing there. Best wishes, Tweedy


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