George Melly is Pleased

The ties designed and supplied by tailor Tina Loder receive as much care and attention as her bespoke and made-to-measure suits. The made-to-measure suit option is a recent addition, by the way. Go take a peek at the suit catalogue for grin-making samples of the sartorial delights on offer.

Fussy as you
Tina is as fussy about ties as you are. They need to be just so. She prefers that ties 'do not fall stiffly from the collar'. To prevent this, Tina Loder ties use heavier silks, which are balanced by a lighter wool interlining. The balance must be right, because too floppy is neither good for man nor beast.

Commendably, Tina Loder ties use the best Suffolk silk. The ties are cut and made by hand in East Anglia, England. The Tina Loder tie collection is split into four themes: Celebrate, Innovate, Entertain and Provide.
An entertainer
The George Melly tie below is from the Entertain collection. I think the great English jazz singer (top photo) and entertainer would be very pleased indeed with this tie — and also to have a tie named after him. He was quite the dapper chap after all.

Pulls off the big pattern
The raffish Melly has a large geometric pattern in emerald green. The pattern repeats in British stripes going from the left shoulder down to the 8-8.5cm blade (the size common on all Tina Loder ties). It's very difficult to pull off such a big pattern on a tie, but this one really works. I think it's wonderful. I don't know, I think we might start to see more ties with bigger patterns. Heaven knows, it's what the country needs right now.

Up the contrast
There's a jazzy feel to the pattern that mere mortals would try and tame within a sober suit. George Melly, God rest his soul, would probably up the contrast.


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