Sounds of Summer

Plan your holiday days around some appropriately summery songs. Once drilled into your bonce, they'll evoke strong memories many years down the line. Brainwashing can be a force for good.

Bibio - A Tout a L'heure

Very much a morning song this. Try it before after your pre-breakfast swim in the sea. Pick some figs on your way to the beach, swim out to the nearest buoy and back, then sit down and listen whilst watching the sun beginning its upward trajectory and gobbling your figs. I've tried this and it works.

Sap Solid - Fun Adults

A nice song to listen to whilst eating grilled sardines and drinking fresh gazpacho at a beach-side chiringuito.

Tito Fontana - Sweden

The day is over. You're freshly showered and talcum powdered. You can feel the heat of the sun radiating out of your bones. It's late now. The cicadas are out in force. Take a seat on the balcony, light yourself a Montecristo Petit Edmundo, pick up that gin and tonic and listen to Tito Fontana's Sweden. And think about doing it all again tomorrow.


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