The Tweed Pig is at a crossroads. Old news and second-hand information doesn't just aggregate itself. It takes time. There's an opportunity cost to old Tweedy spending hours whacking the keyboard with his trotters. The Tweed Pig needs to start earning a living or it's off to the abattoir, I'm afraid.

Our recent victories include putting pride back in the nation, pushing back the worst excesses of globalisation and single-handedly rescuing British manufacturing. But we can do so much more. Help shape the future of mankind, for instance. And you can help us. "How Tweedy?" you ask. "We're more than keen to do our bit."  Why the easy way, of course — handing over your cash.

No Compromise

We don't compromise on our integrity by charging for features publishing third-party marketing material. Help us to retain our independent voice.

Put Your Money Where My Mouth Is

If you're a person and you get enjoyment from what we do, you can heavily influence the editorial of The Tweed Pig for the mere price of a cup of tea.

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