Monday, 1 August 2016

The Tweed Pig Break

The place is Here, The time is Now
Up until a couple of days ago, it would be safe to say that the image on The Beach (above) by Chrissy Angliker — plate 26 from the Tectonic Plates collection from our great chums at The New English — fairly, and rather charmingly, captured the reality of the British seaside in summer. And then the sun shone and the months of damp and darkness were instantly forgotten.

Whatever the weather, it's time to rest on my oars, chaps. The gates of Tweed Towers will now close until September and everything with an 'on' button will be switched off.

Oh, sacrament of summer days. 

Have a wonderful summer and stay safe.

Gin Delivered

Gin Delivered
I shuffled to the front door this morning and found the first consignment of gin had been delivered for summer. It's Tanqueray No. TEN, which is blended specifically for martinis and comes in at a robust 47.3°. The gin is hand-crafted in small batches made using whole citrus fruits, and is described as a full-bodied gin.

What a beautiful bottle, gentlemen. The award-winning design was created by Design Bridge. The design references a 1930s cocktail shaker, and uses a light green glass that brings in the light. At the base of the bottle you will see a lemon squeezer shape inside. The cap represents a citrus grater. Your drinks trolley will be enhanced no end by nestling one of these lovely bottles on it.

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