God Save the Christmas Pudding

Pudding Satisfaction

I don't think we ever get through a Christmas period without mentioning Fortnum & Mason. They understand one of things we want from Christmas — overindulgence. On the Christmas pudding front, they offer a perfect pairing to satisfy our needs. You have a few days left to have the King George Christmas Pudding and the Christmas Pudding Madeira shipped to your door.

The King George Christmas Pudding is handmade 'from the first step to the last' with sultanas, almonds, pruneaux d’Agen, beef suet, Cognac and Pusser's full-strength navy rum. I would happily sweep everything else aside and devour this straight from the bowl on Christmas day if I could get away with it. God save the majestic King George Christmas Pudding. 

The half-bottle Christmas Pudding Madeira comes from Barbeito of the Madeira Islands, who have produced an exclusive blend of this fortified wine for Fortnum's that is able to stand up to 'the powerful, rich fruit of a Christmas pudding'.

Leave a little room after your goose for these treats, I implore you.


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